Vol. 33 • December 2000 • No. 10

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence: Love, Hate & c. 10
Public Nuisances: Sea of Hate/Boss Hillary 12
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas: Failing Grades 16
Bethell, Tom
Survival of the Fakest 18
Wells, Jonathan
No Time for Science 27
Bethell, Tom
The Deed Is Done 28
Heeren, Fred
Campus Justice Goes Ape 30
Hemingway, Mar
Holiday Gift Guide 34
Constitutional Opinions: Developers Nail Free Speech 46
Rabkin, Jeremy
Ben Stein's Diary: Only the Lonely 48
Stein, Benjamin J.
Eminentoes: North Korea's Dear Leader 54
Dealey, Sam
The Nation's Pulse: Fido Goes to Court 56
Gahr, Evan
Nugent Fires Back: Xtreme States of America 58
Nugent, Ted
The New York Spectator: Delouse the White House 59
Felder, Raoul & Mason, Jackie
The Talkies: Exorcising Good and Evil 60
Bowman, James
The Red Scare Was Real 62
McGroarty, Daniel
Telecosm 64
Gilder, George
The Courage to Be Free 66
Heston, Charlton
Trinnietta Gets a Chance 68
McGroarty, Daniel
The Art of Political War 69
Horowitz, David
Current Wisdom 72
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call: The Pope, Politics, and Christmas 74
Rocca, Francis X.

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