Vol. 106 • March 1979 • No. 6

Correspondence 162
Editorials 163
Prison games: 165
Hodges, Graham H.
The ho-hum election: 166
Bishop, Jordan
Bad thoughts: 167
Garvev, John
The next war: 168
Powers, Thomas
Death sentence for affirmative action: 171
Silver, Isidore
The right to remain Indian: 176
Hecht, Robert A.
Screen: 179
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Stage: 180
Weales, Gerald-
Verse: 181
Dangel, Leo
The culture of fascism: 182
Garafola, Lynn
The Origin of the Idea of Crusade/The Fourth Crusade: 184
Herlihy, David
The Yugoslavs: 186
Mestrovic, Matthew
Anti-Judaism in Christian Theology: 187
Pawlikowski, John T.
A Catch of Anti-Letters: 188
True, Michael
Anticipatory Democracy: 189
Kramer, Steven Philip
Joyce's Pauline Vision: 190
King, Robert L.

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