Vol. 31 • June 1998 • No. 6

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence 10
On the Prowl 14
Editorials 16
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas 20
Bethell, Tom
Sold on NATO: The Case for Expansion 24
O'Sullivan, John
The Last Testimony of vincent Foster 30
York, Byron
IRS Mess 34
Bovard, James
Cleaning Up After a Dirty War 38
Stevenson, Matthew
Culture Vultures 42
Steyn, Mark
Presswatch 44
Corry, John
Spectator's Journal 46
Reid, Stuart
The Deposition Spectator 48
Craig, Michael
The Nation's Pulse 51
Chapman, Steve
Among the Intellectualoids 52
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Ben Stein's Diary 54
Stein, Benjamin J.
The Campaign Spectator 60
Bernstein, Mark F.
Politics 62
Norquist, Grover G.
Eminentoes 64
Carnegie, Marc
The Talkies 66
Bowman, James
Lessons Learned the Hard Way / The Freshmen 68
Lindberg, Tod & Gingrich, Newt
Sumner Welles 72
Terzian, Philip
Who Killed Homer? 74
Dunlap, John R.
Current Wisdom 84
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call 86

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