Vol. 15 • August 1982 • No. 8

Correspondence 2
Capitol Ideas / Billy Bee 4
Editorial / Stockpiling for Peace / What's the Fuss? 5
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Continuing Crisis 7
TheDanger of Egalityranny 8
Novak, Michael
Evenings With the Bridge Family 12
Nolte, William H.
American Women Make Lousy Lovers 15
Are American Farmlands Disappearing? 18
Simon, Julian L.
Presswatch/ Bitter Over Vinocur 21
Barnes, Fred
European Document /A Separate Peace 24
Pleszczynski, Wladyslaw
Eminentoes / The K.G.B. Hetman 26
Karatnycky, Adrian
The Great American Saloon Series / Hoffman's of San Francisco 28
Bartholomew, Douglas
The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy 30
Seabury, Paul
Jews Without Mercy: A Lament 33
Danrmauser, Werner J.
The Gentleman in Trollope: Individuality and Moral Conduct 34
Cranston, Maurice
At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor / Infamy: PearlHarborandIts Aftermath / The American Magic 36
Cohen, Eliot A.
The Portable Conservative Reader 38
Jamieson, T. John
Current Wisdom 42

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