Vol. 18 • April 1935 • No. 17

All Out for May Day 1
What Labor Wants 2
Green, William
Socialism on the, Road to Power May First-Nineteen Thirtyfive 3
Abramowitsch, Raphael
Auto Workers Press Fight for Unionization 4
Their First May Day Celebration 5
Klein, Gertrude Weil
Harry Moses- - -Producer of Distinctive Plays 6
Women to Fight H.C. of L. At City Hall on May 14th 7
Austrian Fascism Writes Its Own Death Warrant 8
Powers, John
Laidler, Harry W.
Read news on This Page of Ipmortant National Labor 10
Fifty Years of Belgian Socialism 11
Kobbe, Herman
The Dictatorship of the Proletariat 12
Kaunving, K.
Noble Ideals of the First May Day Thrill the Workers Today 13
Feinstone, M.C.
New Problems and Old Illusions 14
Democrat, Social
Karl Marx in Role of Adviser to American Labor Movement 15
Labor's Internationalism Is Not Just Brotherly Love 16
Lee, Algernon

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