Vol. 106 • September 1979 • No. 17

Correspondence 514
Editorials 515
Science, faith & future 517
Cort, John C.
September and school 519
McCarthy, Abigail
The Ugly Little Secret 520
Garvey, John
Busing and the courts 522
Ford, Maurice deG.
Are integrated schools better? 527
Bergstrom, Jim & Fuerst, J.S.
Hero of the year 529
Rossi, John P.
Verse 530
Scheele, John Nixon, Jr., Roy
Screen 531
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
No substitute for quality 533
Spear, Lois
Verse 534
Galvin, Martin
Confessions of a Conservative 535
Leo, John
Everyone/He Was One of Us 536
Culbertson, Diana
The Snow Poems/The Selected Poems 537
Proffitt, Edward
Reviewing the Forties 539
Scott, Nathan A. Jr.
In Brief 540
Druska, Gerard Sloyan, John

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