Vol. 5 • November 1971 • No. 2

The Continuing Crisis 2
A Whiff from the Highfalutin Women 3
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Letter from a Whig 4
Will, George F.
The Asmodeus Letters 5
Avey, John
The World Role of the United States 8
Will, George F.
Democracy in Action 10
Krieger, Terry
Can There be Peace Without Power? 14
Buckley, Senator James L.
The Strategic Balance and the Future of Freedom 16
Jackson, Senator Henry M.
The Nation's Pulse 19
Hanratty, Liam
Jr. on Military Trends: Implications for U S. Security and Soviet Military Power 20
Schneider, William
The Panid in Needle Park 22
Brudnoy, David
Correspondence 24
Frost, Dhvid & Romm, A.N. & Kaplan, Gib
The Bootblack Stand: Letters to Plunkitt 25
Muskie, Senator & McGovern, Senator
Brayings from the Barnyard: Compliments of The New York Review of Books 26

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