Vol. 14 • March 1981 • No. 3

Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / TV's Debauch 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas / Lost Continence 5
Bethell, Tom
Sideswipe: Kissinger, Shawcross and the Responsibility for Cambodia 7
Rodman, Peter W.
Ugly Women 16
Wenton Darlie in Transition 17
Nollson, John
No One Likes the Colonel 18
Pipes, Daniel
The Nation's Pulse / Sleazy, Soapy, and Rich 23
Stillman, Whit
Presswatch / Throwaway Countries in Throwaway Times 26
Ledeen, Michael
The Talkies / A Piano Recital 28
Podhoretz, J ohn
U.S. Defense Policy in the 1980s, Daedalus 29
Cohen, Eliot
The Birth of a Transfer Society 32
Anderson, Terry L. & Hill, Peter J.
Man and Woman in Christ: an Examination of the Roles of Med and Women in Iight of Scriptures and the Social Sciences 35
Clark, Stephen B.
Fanny 36
Jong, Erica
The Geopolitics of lnformation: How Western Culture Dominates the World 38
Smith, Anthony
A Time for Action 38
Simon, William
Spectator's Journal 40
Correspondence 41

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