Vol. 11 • August 1978 • No. 9

The Continuing Crisis 2
Special Editorial 2
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Summer Reading / Ban the Soleil 4
Stillman, Whit
Passages to India: Hindu Culture and Western Minds 5
Miller, Stephen
Arabs in Antarctica 10
Homer, Charles
Leonid, We Hardly Knew Ye 13
Lofton, J.D.
Clausewitz: Visions of a Nuclear War 15
Seabury, Paul
How To Pick Up a Woman's Magazine 18
Decter, Naomi
Broadway: A Consumer's Guide 20
Clurman, Harold
Capitol Ideas / HEW' s Silver Anniversary 22
Bethell, Tom
The Nation's Pulse / Bakke: America's Oldest Medical Student 24
Rusthoven, Peter J.
Mencken: A Study of His Thought, by Charles A. Fecher 28
Nolte, William H.
Inventing America: Jefferson's Declaration of Independence,by Garry Wills 30
Brookhiser, Richard
Grassroots: The Autobiography of George McGovern and Promises to Keep, by Robert Shogan 32
Nuechterlein, James A.
Abba Eban: An Autobiography 34
Manor, F.S.
Stained Glass, by William F. Buckley, Jr. 36
Mathews, Judy
Correspondence 40
Current Wisdom 41

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