Vol. 10 • August 1977 • No. 10

The Continuing Crisis 2
The Legacy of Uncle Joe 5
Ulam, Adam B.
Falling for the Fuehrer 7
Maddox, Robert J.
Mussolini and the Intellectuals 9
Gregor, A. James
Mao: Poet and Hero 12
Adie, W.A.C.
Triumph of the Wall 15
Baras, Victor
Eurocommunism, the Italian Sausage 17
Manor, F.S.
The Holy Writ Kit 20
Hanser, Richard
The New, New Politics 22
Planner, Marc F.
Capitol Ideas 24
Lady of the Flowers: A Critical Study 26
Nollson, John
The Bootblack Stand 27
Social Limits to Growth 28
Hirsch, Fred
A Note from the Publisher 29
Kannon, Baron Von
Secrets, Spies and Scholars 30
Cline, Ray S.
New Lives 32
Rabinowitz, Dorothy
A Book of Common Prayer 34
No Souvenirs, Journal,1957-1969 36
Eliade, Mircea
America's Moment: 1918 37
Walworth, Arthur
Benjamin Franklin: The Shaping of Genius, 38
Tourtellot, B.
The Shadow of the Winter Palace 40
Crankshaw, Edward
Correspondence 41
Current Wisdom 42

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