Vol. 71 • June 2007 • No. 6

Appreciating Vonnegut 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
No Comment 10
Big Box Brother 12
Ehrenreich, Barbara
Obama's Kennedy Bid 14
Conniff, Ruth
Kurt Vonnegut Remembered 16
Zinn, Howard
On the Line 22
The Army Goes on Spring Break 25
Nielsen, Kirk
Maverick Mike Gravel 30
Lauria, Joe
Joschka Fischer 33
Pal, Amitabh
The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan 38
Pascarella, Matt
June, New Century 41
Trudell, Dennis
A Hunger for Faith 42
Haslanger, Phil
Republicans Eat Their Own 46
Durst, Will

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