Vol. 71 • November 2007 • No. 11

Editor's Note 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters 6
Blackwater's Black Eye 8
No Comment 10
Crush This Enemy 12
Ehrenreich, Barbara
The Healing Power of Poetry 14
Rodr?guez, Luis J.
A Matter of Life and Death 16
Maathai, Wangari
On the Line 18
Kucinich's Challenge 21
Sitting This One Out 26
Reed, Adolph L. Jr.
Feminists Reread the Quran 29
Ali, Anjuman
Dave Eggers 33
Siegal, Nina
No Laughing Matter 38
Lovato, Roberto
The Pity of War You Know 40
Hall, Judith
The Sorcerer's Spells 41
Meisner, Maurice
Victory Laps 46
Clinton, Kate

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