Vol. 71 • October 2007 • No. 10

Editor's Note 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters 6
Bush's Iran War Plans 8
No Comment 10
The Abstinence Scam 12
Ehrenreich, Barbara
The Curse of Columbus 14
Galeano, Eduardo
Doing the Hillary Dance 16
Conniff, Ruth
On the Line 18
In the Feminist Fast Lane A Profile of Loretta Ross 22
Washington, Laura S.
Mandela at Sunset 25
Meldrum, Andrew
Representative Barbara Lee 29
Lewis, Andrea
Music that Heals Atrocity 34
Pascarella, Matt
The Pickers 38
Zawinski, Andrena
Dilemmas of a War Resister 39
Wypijewski, JoAnn
Republicans Gone Wild, 2! 46
Durst, Will

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