Vol. 53 • May 1989 • No. 5

Caught Red-Handed 4
Letters 5
Comment 8
No Comment 11
Free Speech on the Campus 12
Hentoff, Nat
Datelines 14
Steif, Mary C. Turck, Lincoln S. Bates, Joan Conrow, and William
Prisoner of Conscience 18
Urfer, Bonnie
Toxins on Tap? 24
Rocawich, Linda
The Crime of Politics 28
Rothschild, Matthew
Unwelcome in El Salvador 32
Lindsay-Poland, John
Omaha Held Hostage 36
Schwab, Jim
Smart as a Shrub 40
Ivins, Molly
Object of Rage 42
Welsh-Huggins, Andrew
Vietnam Mire 44
Uhl, Michael
Books Briefly 46
Inside with the INS 50
Rodoreda, Geoff

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