Vol. 14 • January 1932 • No. 12

New Leader 2
Debs, Eugene V.
A Socialist View Of the Week 3
Vigorous Socialist Drive Brings in $25,000 4
The Socialist Party's Clarion Call To Action 5
Socialist Campaign Hitting Front Pages 6
The World of Labor 7
The Party Forges Ahead 8
Solomon Raps Attempt to Put Over Sales tax 9
Double Page of Special "New Leader" Features 10
Working Women, Awake; join With Us In Fight Against Hunger, for Freedom 11
Friedman, Esther
Growth of Y.P.S.L. Revealed (Harlem Youth in Socialist Vanguard 12
Walter, Noah C. A. Jr.
The National Campaign 14
Where Your Union Meets 15
Tragic Drama of a Socaialist at the Broadburst Theatre 16

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