Vol. 41 • July 2008 • No. 4

TAKING NOTE: The Basic Food Position: 2008 4
Rosen, Fred
UPDATES: A New Era for Paraguay 5
Lambert, Peter
Outsourcing the Iraq War: Mercenary Recruiters Turn to Latin America 9
Stoner, Eric
Introduction 13
A Case for Guarded Optimism: HIV/AIDS in Latin America 14
Smallman, Shawn
Five Years Later: Judging Bush's AIDS Initiative 18
Smallman, Shawn
AIDS Solidarity as Policy: Constructing the Brazilian Model 20
Parker, Richard
Giving Birth, Contesting Stigma: Cuban Women Living With HIV 25
Castro, Arachu & Khawja, Yasmin & González-Núñez, Ida
Colombia: AIDS in the Time of War 30
Ballvé, Teo
Latinos ACT UP: Transnational AIDS Activism in the 1990s 35
González, M. Alfredo
REVIEWS: An Occasion for Reflection, Squandered 41
Young, Cynthia
MALA: Reading Bolivia in the U.S. Press 49
Gustafson, Bret

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