Vol. 28 • July 1994 • No. 1

Newsbriefs 1
Letters 4
Taking Note 5
LaRamée, Pierre
Elections in El Salvador: The Right Consolidates Power 6
Vickers, George & Spence, Jack
An Interview with Rubén Zamora 8
Huff, Melrose
Chile: The First Latin American Tiger? 12
Green, Duncan
MEXICO Out of Balance 17
Political Storms of 1994 18
Carlsen, Laura & Hernández, Luis
The Impending Elections: The Only Certainty is Uncertainty 22
Dresser, Denise
The Specter of Rural Development 29
Barkin, David
An Interview with Subcomandante Marcos 35
McCaughan, Michael
Salinas' Failed War on Poverty 38
Moguel, Julio
The Emergence of Cross-Border Labor Solidarity 42
Gilmore, Peter & Alexander, Robin
Official and Independent Unions Angle for Power in Mexico 44
Alexander, Robin & Gilmore, Peter
Reviews 56

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