Vol. 7 • March 1982 • No. 3

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 7
"What Will You Do When April Comes?" 13
potok, Chaim
PACs Vobiscum 25
Rosenbaum, Aaron
A MOMENT Interview with NCPAC's Terry Dolan 29
A MOMENT Interview with Senator Paul Sarbanes 33
Art and Soul 38
Klein, Vbssi
Making Miracles: A Partnership 42
Stein, Toby
Unmasking Spanish Faces 45
Hux, Samuel
Me Tor Nisht 47
Lefkovitz, Lori
The Mystery of the Real Lost Ark 50
Rapoport, Louis
Curtains of the Past 55
Cottle, Tom
Dais Ex Machina 59
A Taxing Tale of Deductions and Delusions 60
Levenson, Dan
The Kosher Pig 62
Israel, Richard

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