Vol. 3 • July 1956 • No. 3

Africa Finds Its Voice 219
Plastrik, Stanley
The War in Algeria: "This Climate of Hate and Fear" 222
The War in Algeria: "A Terrible Responsibility on the Party of Jaures .." 224
The War in Algeria: A Dossier on Repression 224
The War in Algeria: French Barbers and Algerian Orphans 226
Sarrazin, François
The War in Algeria: The Mentality of the "Colons" 230
Duchet, Michèle
The War in Algeria: Algeria Was Never French 232
Guérin, David
The War in Algeria: Islam: Portrait of an Intellectual 234
Roditi, Edouard
The War in Algeria: Algeria Is a Nation 237
Bourguiba, Habib
The War in Algeria: Is a Solution Possible for Algeria? 238
Rous, Jean
Middle Africa: From the Tribe to the Town 242
Newman, William J.
Middle Africa: The New West African Nations 254
Irvine, Keith
Middle Africa: Behind the Mau Mau Rebellion 264
Jr, Martin L. Kilson
Middle Africa: African Nationalism: A Critical Report 276
Onipede, F. Oladipo
South Africa: The Congress of the People 286
South Africa: Is South Africa Near Revolt? 288
Houser, George M.
South Africa: "We Are Bound to Struggle" -an interview with Chief Luthuli 295
South Africa: Ordeal and Hope 298
Abrahams, Peter
Notes on the Russian Turn 309
Howe, Irving
The Repudiation of Stalinism 314
Lowenthal, Richard
Some Aspects of Mass Culture 327
Rabassière, Henri
The Present Struggle for Power 333
Sachs, Milton

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