Vol. 36 • April 1989 • No. 2

Thirty-five years of Dissent 133
Howe, Irving
Merger mania and economic decline 137
Brand, H.
The end of Jeane Kirkpatrick's ideology 143
Cohen, Mitchell
Sweden as almost Paradise 147
Barkan, Joanne
Toward a New Socialism 153
Harrington, Michael
The Third Technological Revolution 164
Bell, Daniel
The Critic in Exile: Breyten Breytenbach and South Africa 177
Walzer, Michael
The Death Throes of Western Communism 186
Coser, Lewis A.
The Waning of the Cold War 192
Wrong, Dennis
Education Without Dogma 198
Rorty, Richard
Pages from a Gender Diary: Basic Divisions in Feminism 205
Snitow, Ann
Slouching Toward Pluralism: An End to "The American Century"? 225
Kuttner, Robert
Turning Point in Hungary 235
Kis, Janos
The New History and its Critics 242
Wilentz, Sean
Twenty Years Later: 1968 and the West German Republic 250
Habermas, Jürgen
Privatopia 257
McKenzie, Evan
Nuclear civil war in Ohio 260
Mills, Nicolaus
The Constitution, with a reply from Sanford Levinson 263
Athearn, Robert
What we should be teaching 266
Carpenter, Luther
Violence for Fun & Profit 268
Larner, Jeremy
David Ellwood's Poor Support: Poverty in the American Family 271
Greenstein, Robert
Joan Wallach Scott's Gender and the Politics of History 274
Kessler-Harris, Alice
Barry Bluestone and Bennett Harrison's The Great U-Turn: Corporate Restructuring and the Polarizing of America 277
Levinson, Mark
Conor Cruise O'Brien's God Land: Reflections on Religion and Nationalism 279
Smith, Anthony
Eric Foner's Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877 281
Berlin, Ira
Joseph Clark 284
Howe, Irving
Robert Lekachman 285
Levinson, Mark

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