Vol. 24 • April 1977 • No. 2

A Word for the Dissidents 115
Howe, Irving
Some Problems Facing Carter(Andus)-I977: Economic Policy 116
Lekachman, Robert
Cities 117
Muchnick, David M.
Housing 121
Dolbeare, Cushing
Arms Control 123
Anderson, Dennis
Welfare Reform 126
Kelman, Ellen
Poverty 128
Brand, H.
Advance, or Retreat, in the 1970S? 131
Harrington, Michael
Why The Insurgents Lost in Steel 135
Kornblum, William
The Swedish Elections-Defeat for Socialism? 138
Kelman, Steven
Solzhenitsyn: Truth and Politics 141
Medvedev, Roy
With Black Radicals in Chicago 156
Wright, Richard
Some Unorthodox Thoughts About Colleges 162
Pachter, Henry
Wartime: Memories of Yugoslavia 174
Djilas, Milovan
A Unionist Remembers: Militant Unionism and Political Factions 181
Nash, Al
Bolshevism And Stalinism: New Reflections on an Old Problem 190
Cohen, Stephen F.
Ms. /Comrade 206
Sexton, Patricia Cayo
Est-The Magic of Brutality 209
Hoffman, Eva
Among Our Contributors 212
Reviews 213
Bensman, David & Coser, Lewis & Hausknecht, Murray & Coser, Rose Laub
Letters 221

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