Vol. 120 • May 1993 • No. 10

Correspondence 2
Editorials 3
Editor's notebook 4
Hoyt, Robert G.
Enforcing the law 5
Gaffney, Edward McGlynn Jr.
Tom Dooley's many lives 6
Fisher, James T.
Between Dracula & Bovary 7
Garvey, John
Capitalism with soul? 9
Dionne, E.J. Jr.
Poetry 12
Partridge, Dixie
Curriculum Vitae 13
Beverly, Elizabeth
When the spark is gone 14
Hynes, Joseph
Thinking Out Loud 17
Woodward, Kenneth L.
The Use of Memory 20
O'Collins, Gerald
Lure and Loathing 22
Wvcliff, Don
Paul VI 23
Schroth, Raymond A.
A Suitable Boy 25
Worth, Robert
Rome Reborn 26
Spaeth, Robert L.
Liberal Nationalism 28
McCabe, David

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