Vol. 113 • December 1986 • No. 22

Correspondence 674
Editorials 675
Truth Flashes 677
Garvev, John
From ignorance, to incoherence, to collapse 679
Hehir, J. Bryan
Gay rights/gay plight An open letter 680
Elred, Stephen
A response 682
Bernardin, Joseph L.
Haiti: the malnourished revolution 684
Smith, Karen Sue
Screen 689
O'Brien, Tom
Success in small things 690
O'Brien, Tom
Hope in Hard Times 693
Rosenthal, Peggy
Religious book notes 694
Gerhart, Mary
The Devil and Dr. Church 696
Janeway, Eliot
Special supplement: A Call to Action 697
Ellis, David J. O'Brien, John Dearden, Francis J. Butler, Dolores L. Curran, James Finn, Dennis P. M
Index to Vol. CXIII 713

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