Vol. 113 • June 1986 • No. 11

Correspondence 322
Editorials 323
Selected memories 326
Harrison, Barbara
Exploiting grief 327
Costello, Jan R.
As the synod nears 329
McCarthy, Abigail
Second thoughts on Libya 330
Carlin, David R. Jr.
The summons to responsibility 332
O'Brien, David J.
Lost innovation 334
Campbell, Debra
Verse 337
Andrews, B.A. St.
Abortion, pluralism, feminism 338
Screen 343
O'Brien, Tom
Stage 344
Weales, Gerald
The Wild Birds/Collected Poems 1957-1982/Standing by Words/Recollected Essays 1965-1980 345
Swann, Brian
Christian Spirituality 346
Miles, Margaret R.
Verse 347
Weirather, Regina de Cormier-Shekerjian, Elisabeth Murawski, Larry
The Courage of Conviction 349
Smith, Karen Sue

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