Vol. 111 • September 1984 • No. 15

Correspondence 450
Editorials 451
The Torch Lady 453
Flannery, Mary Ann
The Catholic vote 455
Droel, William M. & Pierce, Gregory F.
'We begin bombing in five minutes' 456
Bell, Robert H.
Message at Campobello 458
McCarthy, Abigail
Gleb Yakunin, unquenched spirit 460
Broun, Janice
The government buys a bank 462
Bensman, David
Screen 464
Macdonald, Nicholas
The religious fellow traveler 466
Rodden, John
The Granite Garden 470
Booth, Rosemary
An Interrupted Life: 471
Franck, Frederick
Religious booknotes 472
Gerhart, Mary
The Heretics of Dune 475
Batchelor, John Calvin
Christian Spirituality; Japanese Society 476
Steinfels, Peter

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