Vol. 106 • June 1979 • No. 11

Correspondence 322
Editorials 323
A speaker on Ireland: 324
Fisher, Desmond
Memories and hopes: 326
Allen, Rodger Van
Acknowledging a debt: 328
Getlein, Frank
Of women & bishops: 329
McCarthy, Abigail
The leadership we need: 331
Hughes, John Jay
From nation to factions: 335
Donohue, John J.
Stage: 338
Weales, Gerald
Screen: 339
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Disco decadents, punk poseurs: 341
O'Sullivan, Gerry
The Illusion of Technique: 343
Dupre, Louis
Sexual Morality: 344
Fontinell, Eugene
Captain Pantoja and the Special Service: 346
Bell-Villada, Gene
Brecht: 347
Fowlie, Wallace
Working for Capitalism: 348
Howard, Robert
Saints Alive!: 349
Cunneen, Joseph

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