Vol. 7 • April 1974 • No. 7

The Continuing Crisis 2
Special Editorial 4
Stearns, Robert
Defending Liberalism 5
Jr, Harvey C. Mansfield
Letter from a Whig 8
Slemp, C. Bascom
California's Proposition One 9
Chickering, A. Lawrence
Solzhenitsyn and the Soviet Dissenters 12
Friedberg, Maurice
The Energy Crisis Is Not a Crisis 13
Wheeler, Timothy J.
Four Myths of Poverty and Unemployment 15
Kasun, Jacqueline
Sexual Suicide 18
Stillman, J. Whitney
Four Reforms 19
The Children of Darkness 20
Caravan, John
The Public Policy 22
Rusthoven, Peter J.
The Talkies 23
Stein, Benjamin
The Bootblack Stand 24
Plunkitt, George Washington
Vietnam Revisited 24
Hughes, Peter
The Conservative Mind 26
McDonald, W. Wesley
The Great American Saloon Series 27
Bakshian, Aram Jr.
Brudnoy's Index 28
Brudnoy, David
This Beats Working for a Living 28
Finer, Steven
Current Wisdom 29
Jackasses, Assorted
Correspondence 30
al., Seifert, Wagstaff, Reynolds, et

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