Vol. 38 • June 2005 • No. 5

ABOUT THIS MONTH: On the Lookout 4
Pleszczynski, Wladyslaw
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
George Bush's Antitrust Tax: No one informed his Justice Department that this is no longer the era of Teddy Roosevelt- or Jimmy Carter 16
Moore, Stephen
The New Eugenics: One of America's cures for disability is death 22
Neumayr, George
The Good Pope: We are just beginning to grasp the greatest of John Paul II 26
Johnson, Daniel
The Little Engine That Could... Undo Darwinism: What critics of Intelligent Design theory can't accept is that its proponents are making scientific, fact-based argument 34
Peterson, Dan
CAPITOL IDEAS: A Civil War Between the Greens 44
Bethell, Tom
POLITICS: Designs on De Lay 48
Fund, John H.
ECONOMICS: Supply-Side Infation ConfusioN 50
Wesbury, Brian S.
HIGH SPIRITS: Mount Athos Time 54
Aitken, Jonathan
COLLEGE AVENUE: Go Forth and Forget This School 56
Whalen, David
BEN STEIN'S DIARY: Desert Stars 58
Stein, Benjamin J.
Service Without a Smile 60
Klehr, Harvey
Getting Reagan Wrong 63
Nofziger, Lyn
Reality Denial 65
Codevilla, Angelo M.
The Final Evolution 67
Bethell, Tom
PUBLIC NUISANCES: Coalition on the Evil/The Politics of Personal Quotation 70
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
CURRENT WISDOM: Assorted Jackasses 72
LAST CALL: Security Clearance 74
Rosen, James

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