Vol. 38 • May 2005 • No. 4

Johannis Paulus Magnus 4
Novak, Michael
Tyrell, R.Emmett Jr.
The Arlington Ladies: American volunteerism at its most moving 12
Macomber, Shawn
The Old Guard 14
Mitchell, Amy K.
Forty Minutes in Fallujah 18
Babbin, Jed
Your Mother's Army: Bush's military is more feminized than Clinton's-and the costs are coming due 24
Neumayr, George
There's No Place Like Home: An American couple's encounters with the British Health Service 28
Asman, David
POLITICS: For He's Jolly Good Felon 36
Fund, John H.
CAPITOL IDEAS: The False Alert of Global Warming 38
Bethell, Tom
LETTER FROM EUROPE: Catching the Worm 42
Gedmin, Jeffrey
IN MEMORIAM: Life the 60's Lane John Z. DeLorean, 1925-2005 44
Srodes, James
HIGH SPIRITS: Minding Our Business 48
Aitken, Jonathan
COLLEGE AVENUE: The Oppression Lobby 50
Klugewicz, Stephen
BEN STEIN'S DIARY: Home Sweet America 52
Stein, Benjamin J.
THE TALKIES: Bottled Whines 56
Bowman, James
Last of the Mohicans 58
Shattan, Joseph
The Unvolved One 60
Crocker, Brandon
A Life of Deception 62
Regnery, Alfred S.
The Great Divorce: The U.S. and Europe After the Cold War 64
Aikman, David
PUBLIC NUISANCES: The Mystic Pope/Captured by the Ethernet 70
Tyrell, R.Emmett Jr.
Jackasses, Assorted
SWIFT CALL: A Modest Proposal 74
Neumayr, George

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