Vol. 34 • March 2001 • No. 2

The Continuing Crisis 4
Welcome to the New American Spectator 8
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Smart Nerds, Foolish Choices: Why Silicon Valley votes against its interests 9
Land for What?: How the peace process brought Israel to the brink of war 12
Pipes, Danil
The Ducks Stop Here: For the first time, the Supreme rule the environment is no excuse for federal power grabs 14
Rabkin, Jeremy
Bring Back Voodoo Economics: As a ruse to cut the deficit, Republicans gave away their best argument for tax cuts. Oops! 16
Bartlett, Bruce
On the Slopes with Yasir and Oprah: In Davos, the have nots meet the know nots 17
Corry, John
"This is Not Vietnam": Our war against Colombian coca farmers is good for Sikorsky, says Sen. Lieberman. But are we on right side? 19
Boot, William
Correspondence 24
Larry Kudlow: The Spectator Interview 26
Stop Everything ... It's Techno-Horror! 40
Gilder, George & Vigilante, Richard
Britain's Last Stand 54
Hitchens, Peter
Hunting for a Cure 58
Bethell, Tom
Opportunities: Golden Global 68
Stambovsky, Jeff
Between Honor and Glory 69
Winik, Jay
GENIUS AND VIRTUOSITY: The Art of Ray' Kinstler 82
Wolfe, Tom
Ben Stein's Diary: Our New Plumbing 91
Stein, Benjamin J.
The Talkies: Why Was This Movie Made? 96
Bowman, James
In Memoriam: Auberon Waugh, 1939-2001 98
Reid, Stuart
Hyperethered Holmes 100
King, Florence
The Ascent of Man 102
Politically Medicated 104
Shattan, Joseph
Stiff Upper Brit 105
Robinson, Matthew
Moody Blues 106
Great American Saloons: Tootsies Orchid Lounge 108
Shiflett, David
Current Wisdom: Al, Al, and Anthony 109
Jackasses, Assorted
Last Call: Queen Hillary 110
Mason, Jackie & Felder, Raoul

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