Vol. 15 • July 1982 • No. 7

Capitol Ideas / Congress, Lobbied by Mountebanks 4
Bethell, Tom
Editorial / One Fat Thespian / Seabed Socialism 5
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Continuing Crisis 7
Norman Podhoretz and the Vietnam War 8
Rodman, Peter W.
Caffeine in the American Bloodstream: The Politics of Disharmony 12
Stark, Andy
The Forlorn Dreamer of Prague 17
A Recipe for the Good Society 20
Williams, Waiter E.
Eminentoes / Peking Duck 23
Miriam & London, Ivan D.
The Talkies/Pop's Diner 26
The Nation's Pulse / America's Royalist Underground 27
Jamieson, T. John
Correspondence 29
High Life /Low Life 30
Wolfe, Tom
Steaming to Bamboola 32
Norman, Geoffrey
Tradition 33
Miller, Stephen
Inside the Iranian Revolution 34
Elvis 36
Ross, Mitchell S.
The Fate of the Earth 36
Gold, Vic
Spectator's J ournal / Spooks and Scholars 39
Beichman, Arnold
Current Wisdom 42

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