Vol. 14 • October 1981 • No. 10

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorials / My Kind of Bomb / My Kind of Art 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas / Every Word of It True 5
Bethell, Tom
The Worldly Ways of John Kenneth Galbraith 7
Hook, Sidney
Betrayed Once Too Often? The Mafia and the Kennedy Assassination 12
O'Lessker, Karl
Free Shooting Through Bohemia 17
Gurewitsch, Matthew A.
The Soviet Bull Market 19
Nollson, John
Among the Intellectualoids / Antinuclear Malpractice 20
Beckmann, Petr
The Great Russian Saloon Series / The Lush's Paradise 22
Solovyov, Vladimir
The Nation's Pulse / Suckling Up to the Bourgeoisie 24
Carlson, Allan C.
The Talkies / Urban Walkman 27
Podhoretz, John
The Socialist Phenomenon 28
Shafarevich, Igor
Governing America: An Insider's Report from the White House and the Cabinet 32
Califano, Joseph A. Jr.
Tocayo: A Cuban Resistance Leader's True Story 33
Navarro, Antonio
IVashington in Pieces 35
Nollson, John
Liebling Abroad 36
Liebling, A.J.
Dad 36
Wharton, William
Correspondence 38
Current Wisdom 42
Jackasses, Assorted

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