Vol. 8 • December 1976 • No. 10

Concerns About Carter-And His Chief Courtier 2
Peters, Charles
Off-Off-Broadway Has Lessons For Us All 9
Lemann, Nicholas
The Case Against Day Care 22
Boyd, Marjorie
Tidbits and Outrages 32
How To Break the Ties That Bind Congress To the Lobbies and Agencies 36
Nelson, Michael
No Place To Go 42
Etzioni, Amitai
Memo of the Month 49
The Truth at Last: How Nixon Beat Humphrey 50
Howe, Russell Warren & Trott, Sarah Hays
How the Condor Was Killed 54
Rushford, Greg
The Polotical Puzzle 61
Barclay, John
Political Book Notes 62

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