Vol. 30 • January 1998 • No. 1

Letters 2
Tilting at Windmills 4
Peters, Charles
A Fast-Track Reality Check 8
Smith, Hedrick
Meet the (Black) Press 10
Fellows, Jarrette Jr.
Tidbits & Outrages 13
Capitol Hill's Longest-Running Outrage 14
Bumpers, Sen. Dale
It's the Exam That Fails 19
Aizenman, Nurith C.
Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Regulators 22
Levin, Blair
Who's Who 26
Threadgill, Susan
Amazing Grace 28
Is Locking 'em Up the Answer? 32
Fischer, Karen
Reporting From the Trenches 35
Living Off The Fat of the Land 40
Fumento, Michael
Memo of the Month 43
Affirmative action should not be a black-and-white issue 44
Kahlenberg, Richard
The part of the Rodney King tape America didn't see 48
Shuger, Scott
The Last True Populist 50
Ivins, Molly
Political Booknotes 53
Torrey, James Bennet,Sandra McElwaine,Thomas E. Ricks,Benjamin Schwarz,E. Fuller

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