Vol. 29 • May 1997 • No. 5

Letters 2
Peters, Charles
Government Can Work 8
Eisenberg, Michelle Cottle, Sherri
Tidbits & Outrages 11
The Truth About Fraud 12
Farnsworth, Chris
Memo of the Month 20
Stop the Madness 21
Gans, Curtis
Monthly Journalism Award 25
Stop Dissing the Washington Times! 26
Aizenmann, Nurith C.
Who's Who 34
Threadgill, Susan
Stately Living 38
Ripley, Amanda
Apocalypse Later 40
Easterbrook, Gregg
An American in Africa 43
Noble, Kenneth
Just Your Average Aristocrat 45
Bird, Kai
The New Specter 48
Maynes, Charles William
political Booknotes 52
Korb, Alasdair Roberts, Martin Walker,Suzannah Lessard,Lewis Wofolson,David Reich,Lawrence J.

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