Vol. 29 • April 1997 • No. 4

Letters 2
Peters, Charles
A New Breed of Hired Gun 8
Lerner, Preston
Pill Pushers 12
Critser, Greg
Who's Who 14
Threadgill, Susan
Bad Choices for Big Jobs 16
Cottle, Michelle
Memo of the Month 21
How to MAke College Affordable 22
Aizenmann, Nurith C.
Tidbits & Outrages 27
Why the Right May be Right 28
Peters, Greig M. O'Brien,Charles
Mission Creep 33
Piore, Adam
The End is Near! 38
Rabinowitz, Howard
Monthly Journalism Award 41
The Marx Mistake 42
Ignatius, David
A Thin Case 46
Dreyfuss, Robert
He Had A Dream, Too 49
Kahlenberg, Richard D.
Political Booknotes 52
Cohen, Corinna Vallianatos,Alfred Friendly,Jr.,David Greenberg,Martin Walker,Patricia

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