Vol. 17 • October 1985 • No. 9

Letters 1
Tilting At Windmills 6
Peters, Charles
Valley Of The Duds Inside Hollywood'S Bad Movie Machine 12
Noah, Timothy
Why Gary Hart Lost 22
Henry, Jack Germond and Jules Witcover, Peter Goldman and Tony Fuller, and William III
Monthly Journalism Award 29
Tidbits And Outrages 34
The Right Stuff In The Wrong Place 35
Ingraham, Edward C.
Who'S Who In The Administration 42
The Navy'S Plane Stupidity 43
Shuger, Scott
The 99% Fallacy 45
Evans, David
Memo Of The Month 47
Victims 48
Thiriot, Louella
Is Anybody Out There Watching: Charlie Wick'S Latest Flop 51
Schapiro, Mark
Political Puzzle 53
Political Booknotes 55

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