Vol. 14 • November 1982 • No. 9

Letters 1
Tilting At Windmills 4
Peters, Charles
Reagan'S Regulatory Report Card 10
Alter, Jonathan
Coming Soon: The Licensed Lobbyist 18
Keller, Bill
Tidbits And Outrages 23
Taking America To The Cleaners 24
Longman, Phillip
Memo Of The Month 31
Free For Lunch? The Languid Life Of Foreign Attaches 32
Aldrich, Hope
Monthly Journalism Award 37
The Sliver Strategy 38
Easterbrook, Gregg
The Guilty Secrets Of An Ets Grader 44
Vopat, Jim
Who'S Who 48
The Tallest Gun In Foggy Bottom 50
Keisling, Phil
Political Puzzle 57
On Political Books 58
Branch, Taylor
Political Booknotes 60

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