Vol. 10 • February 1979 • No. 11

Letters 4
Tilting at Windmills 7
A Platform for the Nineteen-Eighties 10
Peters, Charles
Cabinet Secretaries: What Do They Do All Day? 22
Merrill, Amy
Tidbits and Outrages 29
Inspectors General: The Fraud in Fighting Fraud 31
Nocera, Joseph
Memo of the Month 42
New York: The Liberals' Vietnam 44
Auletta, Ken
The Political Puzzle 51
Barclay, John
Where to Stay in Washington 52
How to Steal Government Secrets 54
Spex, Milt
Who's Who in the Carter Administration 61
The Merger Mania 64
Redburn, Tom
Have You Got What it Takes to Write for the Washington Monthly? 69
Richard Reeves on Political Books 75
Political Book Notes 76

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