Vol. 71 • July 2007 • No. 7

Saluting Cindy Sheehan 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
No Comment 11
On the Line 12
Still a Chill in the Air 16
Rothschild, Matthew
Scandinavia Gets Serious on Global Warming 22
Johansen, Bruce E.
Racine, Haunted City Look What Happens When Indussry Flees 26
Bybee, Roger
Israeli Rabbi Defends Palestinians 30
Hirschfield, Robert
Elfriede Jelinek 33
Siegal, Nina
Independent Bookstores on Remainder 37
Nowak, Mark
Boomers Step Aside 39
Clinton, Kate
Prayer for the New Millenium 41
Cisneros, Sandra
The Sickness in Medicine 42
Shah, Sonia
Dateline Delhi 46
Ehrenreich, Barbara

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