Vol. 71 • April 2007 • No. 4

Editor's Note 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
Iran in the Cross Hairs 8
Rothschild, Matthew
No Comment 10
Al Franken Gets Serious 12
Conniff, Ruth
Black-Brown Unity Now 14
Rodriguez, Luis J.
On the Line 16
Why Hillary Is Not the One 19
Sheehan, Cindy
Is Obama One of Us? 22
Muwakkil, Salim
China Joins the Battle for Space 26
Berrigan, Frida
The People Are Sovereign 29
Feingold, Senator Russ
Punk Comix 31
Constant, Paul
Lewis Black 33
D'Ambrosio, Antonino
Poem 38
Murrey, Matthew
Not Cleared for Take Off 39
Ehrenreich, Barbara
Holland Wrestles with Immigration 41
Siegal, Nina
Scouting Report 46
Durst, Will

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