Vol. 70 • November 2006 • No. 11

Laura Doesn't Count 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
The Assault on Democracy 8
No Comment 10
Shaming the Victims 12
Ehrenreich, Barbara
Why War Fails 14
Zinn, Howard
Stopping Ideas at the Border 16
Rothschild, Matthew
On the Line 18
Which Democratic Party? 21
Conniff, Ruth
Worse Than Hanging Chads 26
Nielsen, Kirk
A Poet Walks the Line 30
Hirschfield, Robert
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 33
Kupfer, David
The U.N. Goes to Junior High 39
Clinton, Kate
The House Murdered 40
Darwish, Mahmoud
Think Globally, Eat Locally 41
Dinovella, Elizabeth
Ann Richards Remembered 46
Ivins, Molly

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