Vol. 69 • September 2005 • No. 9

Letters to the Editor 6
Prayers for Roberts 8
No Comment 11
Big Brother Negroponte 12
Hentoff, Nat
Ted Kennedy Eyes the Court 16
Conniff, Ruth
Perverse Rewards 20
Ehrenreich, Barbara
When Maxims Mislead 22
Galeano, Eduardo
On the Line 24
Is Idaho the Future? 28
Abramsky, Sasha
Reporters in the Cross Hairs 31
Enders, David
Al Franken 37
Thompson, Stephen
"Empathy Is the First Ingredient" A Profile of Singer Eliza Gilkyson 42
Jensen, Robert
Not Here 44
Espada, Mart?n
We're Back in Kansas, Toto 45
Clinton, Kate
Last Comes Love 47
Dinovella, Elizabeth
Rove 101 50
Ivins, Molly

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