Vol. 68 • June 2004 • No. 6

More Ferocity? 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
Comment Shredding the Magna Carta 8
No Comment 11
St. Louis Shows Its Spirit 12
Hentoff, Nat
What Do We Do Now? 14
Zinn, Howard
Kerry and the Hawks 16
Conniff, Ruth
The White Curse 18
Galeano, Eduardo
The Activist Buzz 20
Infinite Occupation 24
Toensing, Chris
Muqtada al-Sadr and the Army of the Mahdi 29
Rosen, Nir
Howard Dean 37
Rothschild, Matthew
Poem 41
Corso, Paola
Reality Theater: A Profile of Sarah Jones 42
Wright, Kai
Apologies All Around 44
Durst, Will
Letting Bush Off Easy 45
Rothschild, Matthew
Imperialists?? Ball 50
Ivins, Molly

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