Vol. 53 • July 1989 • No. 7

Print in Prison 4
Letters 5
Comment 7
No Comment 10
Middle East Peacemakers 11
Oppenheim, Carolyn Toll
Europe's Green Light 12
Johnstone, Diana
Datelines 14
Steif, Fred Setterberg, Glenn S. Phillips, Jeff Apter, and William
Upheaval In The East 18
Blackburn, Robin
Coal Wars Again 24
Motavalli, Jim
Parting Shot 28
Winpisinger, William W.
An Interview With Ruben Zamora 32
Shaffer, Marc
Ramifistations in the Hilterland 37
Ivins, Molly
A Season to Remember 38
Rocawich, Linda
British Inside and Out 40
Friedman, Melvin J.
Books Briefly 42
Murder Capital 46
Tidwell, Mike

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