Vol. 53 • June 1989 • No. 6

Sam Day's Example 4
Letters 5
Comment 8
No Comment 11
Datelines 12
Paterno, Deena Hurwitz, Ron Chepesiuk, and Susan
The Young Have to Be There 15
Hoffman, Abbie
Waiting for a Taxi 16
Jordan, June
Technology As Destiny 19
Brazil Turns Left 24
Steif, William
Unfriendly Skies 28
Ervin, Michael
Trouble At The Waterworks 33
Nichols, Christina
An Interview With Yehoshafat Harkabi 36
Dreifus, Claudia
Texas-Style Ethics 41
Ivins, Molly
Whose War Was It? 42
Knoll, Erwin
Center Stage 44
Davidon, Ann Morrissett
Books Briefly 45
Scorned but Not Defeated 50
Butler, Francelia

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