Vol. 47 • July 1977 • No. 7

Letters 6
Comments 8
No Comment 12
O Washington 13
Jones, Arthur
Datelines 14
Going Public 18
Moody, Kim
Free Speech for the Klan is a Fraud, not a Right 22
Davis, Rod
If the Klan Can Be Gagged. None of Us Is Safe 24
Hentof, Nat
Where Are Your Papers? 27
Mayer, Milton
Comrades in the Classroom 30
Rothschild, Matthew
Atom and Eve 32
Nelson, Lin
True Paranoid Facts 35
al., Henrik Drescher et
Film 38
Seitz, Micheal H.
Indigenious Music 40
Hentoff, Nat
After Long Silince 41
Navasky, Victor
Going All the Way 44
Randal, Jonathan C.
Books Briefly 45
Steif, William
Report Card 46
Kurtz, Josh
Puzzle 47
Rathvon, Emily Cox and Henry
The Last Word 50
Dension, Dave A.

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