Vol. 38 • July 1974 • No. 7

Comment 5
Miller, The Editors and Steve Slade, Marilyn Zeitlin, Ralph Z. Hallow, and Judith
The Word from Washington 12
COPING WITH CORPORATE POWER: Prospectus for a New Party 13
Boyte, Harry
The CAPUR Crusade 19
Smaby, Alpha
Shareholders, Unite 24
Jamison, C. Hayden
George IN, Inc. 28
Rifkin, Jeremy
When Workers Manage 29
Zwerdling, Daniel
Momentum in the Middle East: Can This Be Peace? 32
Howe, Russell Warren
Dollars and Detente 36
Miller, Judith
Movies: I Say It's Spinach 39
Turan, Kenneth
Unraveling Watergate 41
Schorr, Daniel
Changing the Police 43
Books Briefly 45
Letters 46
Coolest Man in the Room 50
Lipez, Richard

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