Vol. 38 • June 1974 • No. 6

Comment 5
Potter, The Editors and Raford Boddy, James Crotty, Lynda McDonnell, Judith Miller, and Bonnie
The Word from Washington 13
The Coming Trial of Richard M. Nixon 15
A Six-year Presidency? 19
Udall, Morris K.
The Pentagon Bleeds the Third World 21
Klare, Michael T.
Congressional Poll 26
Lipez, Richard
Jesus Freaks, Gurus, and Dissent 27
Woods, Richard J.
Democracy, Colombian Style 31
Dividing Up the Deep 35
Land, Thomas
Out There in America 38
Arnold, William Chapman, Patrick J. McCaffrey, and John
The Further Education of Henry Durham 42
Knoll, Erwin
Oil from Coal: We Wouldn't Run Out 43
Trott, Harlan
Struggle in the Kentucky Mines 47
Orr, Samuel G
Reagan's 'Way' to Nowhere 49
Agran, Larry
Right-wing Watchdog 51
Duscha, Julius
Music: 'The Knot Garden' 54
McDaniel, Charles-Gene
William 0. Douglas: Knight of Human Freedom 56
The Fourteenth 57
Schardt, Arlie
Those Working Hours 58
Levison, Andrew
Cultural Dilemma 59
Hale, Dennis
Books Briefly 60
Letters 62

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