Vol. 35 • November 1971 • No. 11

A New Beginning 3
Notes in the News 4
The Word from Washington 12
The Red, White, and Blue Left 14
Rifkin, Jeremy
Mr. Justice Black 22
Douglas, William O.
The Rape of H.R. 10835 23
Knoll, Erwin
Corporate Government in Action 28
Reinemer, Vic
The Making of a Ghetto 33
Mikva, Abner J.
The Empire of Think Tanks 37
Dickson, Paul
Cities for Living: Europe Plans Ahead 42
Gissler, Sig
Duerer in Our Time 46
Werner, Alfred
The People's Forum 48
Revel's Dream of America 51
O'Neill, William L.
The Radical Torch 52
Huenefeld, John
Mr. Nixon in Power 53
Chapman, William
Those 'Incidents' in Tonkin Gulf 54
Baker, Leonard
An Italian's Italy 56
Gerch, Gabriel

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